When it comes to customizing your Android device, there’s lots of options available.  That’s why we love Android so much, there’s the ability to do things like root the device, apply different themes and icons, and even flash custom firmware (aka a custom ROM).  Being able to flash a custom ROM requires an unlocked bootloader on most modern devices.  Development friendly OEMs, such as Google, with their Pixel lineup, make this a lot easier on the end user.

The Android Open Source Project, AOSP for short, is the base for all the custom ROM development projects and organizations we know today and can be found on sites such as XDA Developers and other Android related sites.  The most popular custom ROMs include, but are not limited to: ABC, AOSiP, CarbonROM, Dirty Unicorns, LineageOS, OmniROM, and POSP.  Just FYI, these are the development teams doing all the real work when it comes to custom ROM development and improvements, in our humble opinion anyway.

ScorpionROM is just a fun project started by a couple of guys that met on the internet and noticed they both had similar ideas on how a ROM should be setup.  As with most custom ROMs, the developers make changes based on how they want things to be done and then decide to share it with the community.  ScorpionROM is not meant to be a “full feature” ROM, which means we don’t have every custom feature available crammed into our builds.  We only include the features from other ROMs that we like, and monthly security updates of course.

We are an open source project, like the aforementioned organizations, and you can find links in the menu above that lead to the source code for our ROM, Gerrit code review, device/kernel trees and Other Stuff.  We primarily choose the features we use from Dirty Unicorns and ABC, the developers involved with those projects are some top notch individuals and have been very helpful to our own project development.

Keep in mind, we are just a small team, at the moment, with a couple of developers and a few maintainers.  We don’t have any build servers to generate “nightlies” or “weeklies”, we do our builds on our own machines and in our own time.  You’ll also notice that our device support is a bit limited, that’s because we all have Pixel devices.  However, there’s some development for other devices going on as well, they just haven’t been included in the source just yet.

Our Telegram group is open to all and is the fastest way to get in touch with anyone on the team.  If you’d like to try out ScorpionROM on your device, and it doesn’t happen to be a device we support, then you’ll have to build it yourself.  While there are plenty of guides available for building Android from source, there’s one available that’s specifically for building our project using Manjaro Linux.  You can find the guide in the menu above under the Other Stuff label, or click here.  We’re happy to help you out with any build issues you may have, if we can.